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IUT Lumière - Université Lyon 2 , 160 Bd de l'Université, 69676 Bron

Prof Ouzrout Yacine is a Computer Scientist in the Supply Chain & Product Lifecycle Management group of the DISP Laboratory at University Lumiere Lyon 2. He obtained his PhD in Computer Engineering from the INSA National Institute of Technology of Lyon (INSA de Lyon), and his HDR Diploma (accreditation to supervise research) in 2012 from the University Lyon 2. Currently, he is an Professor at University Lumiere Lyon 2 (ULL).

He is the Director of the IUT (Institute of Technology) of his university and Deputy Director of the DISP Laboratory. His research interests include multi-agent systems, simulation, decision support systems, and distributed information systems. Pr Ouzrout has been involved in several European projects: Asia-Link project East-West (2004-2007), Erasmus-Mundus eLink (2007-2010), SQUARE and ETHICS-FED Euro-Thai Projects (2009-2010), Sustainable E-Tourism project (2.5 million Euro), and is currently the local coordinator (ULL) of the EMA2 cLink (2011-2014), Fusion (2013-2017) and SmartLink (2014-2018) projects. He is also a member of the FP7 FI-NMP Easy-IMP European Project (2013-2016).

He is co-chair or member of programme committees of several International conferences (PLM, SKIMA, AICIT, ICTIS, ICLT...) on Software Engineering and Information Systems; Member of Scientific Commissions, reviewer for several international Journals and Conferences. He has graduated 15 doctorates (three of them in co-tutelle with international Universities) and over 30 Master students. Currently he is supervising 3 doctoral students.