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November 2008 to February 2012
DISP leader: 

LISTIC / Université de Savoie / France, Thésame / France, a3i / France, agilium / France, Carl / France, Cincom / France, Courbon / France, Jam / France, Quasar / France, ControlChainGroup

The project aims to develop a flexible on demand MES solution (Manufacturing Executive System). This offer will allow any company, regardless of its size to have a MES selecting the software components that fit their needs at appropriate costs. The MES project displays four original priorities: a first in France.

- Promote the economic development of each editor in relation to national and international competition, being more relevant in the integration of complementary and competing proposals,

- Encourage the collaborative research and devlopment around a methodology and an innovative software tool for application integration.- Regroup these editors in Rhône-Alpes around shared values and a shared ethics defended by all.

- Create a new market for "multi-applications MES" nonexistent to date in France and Europe.

The research, represented by two thesis, allows the project to benefit from the latest interoperability and service based architectures, and rely on the business standards. The role of DISP in the MES project was to solve the semantic problems of heterogeneity between different repositories partners, by proposing a semantic alignment frame between these standards to promote interoperability and semantic integration. We chose to adapt the ISA-95 as the basis for the unique project repository, since this standard was originally designed to define the basic functions of MES, and exchanges between the MES and ERP.