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Collaboration examples


Arkema, Chomarat, Dassault, EDF, Fortal, PIL/Deschamps, Renault, Rossignol, Saverglass, Thales, Valhrona, Volvo (chair)


ARS Rhône-Alpes, CH St Joseph-St Luc, CHU Grenoble, CHU St Etienne, Croix Rouge, HAD 63, HCL, OVE, Soins et Santé

Information Technology

α3i, Agilium, Audros Technology, Carl, Cincom, Courbon, Jam, KLS, Process way, Quasar, SAP, Software AG, USF (users SAP France)

Transportation and retail

Auchan, Casino/EASYDIS, Sotradel, STEF, Toupargel (chair)

Do you need an expert to support you in continuous improvement or breakthrough projects ?
Different partnership options are available depending on your specific needs.

The laboratory institutions are accredited for "crédit d’impôt recherche".

Internship with research

Duration: about 6 months

Conditions: full-time internship + accompanying contract

Research mission for a M2 or engineering student finishing his/her studies, supervised by a lecturer and researcher specialist in the topic.

CIFRE PhD (Conventions Industrielles de Formation par la Recherche)

Duration: 3 years

Conditions: ANRT subsidy, 14 000€/year over 3 years (2015 data)

A young researcher in doctoral training works in your company and in the laboratory to solve an applied research problem.

Research contract

Duration: possibility for short-, medium- or long-term contracts

Conditions: private law contract written in accordance with your specific needs: new concept, tools, demonstrator, prototypes, patents...

Collaborative research project

Duration: 1 to 5 years

Conditions: multiparty project that can bring together several laboratories and companies.

Possible fundings: ADEME, FUI, ANR, Europe... Together, we look for the appropriate funding.

Exploring a research topic on a medium/long term, involving several companies and led by a research team that can gather several research centers in several countries.

Expertise convention

Duration: of your choice

Conditions: consultancy contract

A lecturer and researcher, specialist in the topic of interest, supports you in setting up a custom solution to your problem.

Framework agreement

Premium partnership on a specific research axis, defined in the long term with a framework agreement.

Industrial chair

Long term collaboration, in research and/or teaching, on a highly strategic, high priority issue.