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IUT Lumière - Université Lyon 2 , 160 Bd de l'Université, 69676 Bron

Ph.D student in Cotutelle Program between University Lumiére Lyon2, France and Chiang Mai University, Thailand
2008 - Present:Lecturer in Collage of Art Media and Technology Chiang Mai University,Thailand
2006-2008: IT specialist, System Administrator, Software Developer, Social Research Institute Chiang Mai University, Thailand
2003-2005: Master of Science (Computer Science) Chiang Mai University,Thailand
2001-2002: Certificate of  profession Teaching (Education)  Sukhotaitammatirah University, Thailand
1996-1999: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Supervisors: Abdelaziz BOURAS,  Aurelie CHARLES and Napaporn REEVEERAKUL
Title: Designing And Applying A Multi-criteria Knowledge Based Decision Support System Within A Project Life Cycle Management Approach: Application For Humanitarian Supply Chain Management
Scientific problem : How to achieve an appropriate decision in a limited time in each stage of
The humanitarian operation life cycle. For each phase, the importance of all performance criteria is changing and information is lacking.
​Abstract:  The use of decision support systems  is an important part of supply chain management. Quick and adequate decision making is sometimes difficult to achieve. Three issues arise: how to gather relevant data and use past experiences, how to make the decision when many criteria have to be taken into account, and how can we ensure that the decision making process is quick. Those three issues are currently faced by many companies, and some solutions have already been proposed in the literature. Yet, in some cases, it is difficult, if not impossible to apply those solutions. Humanitarian organizations, for example, have difficulties to build on past experiences. Quick decision making in this sector is vital. The purpose of this research work is to design and apply decision-making methods to improve the performance of humanitarian supply chains. A case study at the French Red Cross will validate this proposal.
Results and application: A four-phases FRC operation decision model and  web based decision support system.
​Keywords: Humanitarian Supply Chain Management, MCDM, Web-based Decision Support System
SAKSRISATHAPORN, K., CHARLES, A., BOURAS, A, REEVEERAKUL, N.,  'A web-based multi-criteria  decision support system during humanitarian operation', SKIMA 2013, 18-20 Dec 2013, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
 SAKSRISATHAPORN, K., CHARLES, A., BOURAS, A., ‘Development of a decision support system to facilitate multi-criteria decision making during humanitarian operations within a project life cycle‘, APMS 2013: Sustainable Production and Service Supply Chains, 9-12 Sep 2013, State College, PA, USA.
 SAKSRISATHAPORN, K., CHARLES, A., BOURAS, A.,  'Development of a multi-criteria knowledge based decision support system for  humanitarian logistics  within a project life cycle', 5èmes Journées Doctorales / Journées Nationales MACS, 11-12 July 2013, Strasbourg, France.
 SAKSRISATHAPORN, K., CHARLES, A., BOURAS, A., ‘Designing and applying a multi-criteria knowledge Based  Decision  support system',  APMS 2012,"Competitive Manufacturing for Innovative Products and  Services“ (Doctoral Workshop), 22-23 Sep 2012, Greece.