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Office address: 
IUT Lumière - Université Lyon 2 , 160 Bd de l'Université, 69676 Bron

1. Education:
​2013-2016 : Phd thesis : laboratory of Decision and Information Sciences for Production Systems (DISP).
2012-2013: Master Degree 2: École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers (ENSAM). Specialty: Design of Products and Production Systems.
209-2012: Engineering degree: National Engineering school of Tunis (ENIT). Speciality :  Industrial Engineering.
1. Description of my thesis:
Title: Performance assessment architecture for collaborative business processes in BPM-SOA based environments.
Objective of the thesis:
-Create on a enrichment methodology of the specifications of business process and collaborative process to maintain their ability to create value.
-Find aggregation model (Bottom-Up approach) to evaluate collaborative BP from execution traces.
-Analyze the performance trajectory of business process regarding the business performance level.
-Implement a decision model which based on the history of analysis and traces of a business process.
Keywords: Business Process, collaborative processes, ontology, analysis and evaluation of the performance of business processes. 
  2. Publications:
-Maroua HACHICHA, Nejib MOALLA, Muhammad Fahad, Yacine OUZROUT (2015): A Maturitu model to promote the performance of collaborative business processes, In the IFIP WG5.112th International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management, (PLM IC'2015).
-Fouzia Ounnara , Patrick Pujo , Maroua Hachicha and Yves Dubromelle (2015): Study of an intelligent and multicriteria scheduling service, using academic benchmarks, International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (IJCIM 2015).
-Maroua Hachicha, Néjib Moalla and Yacine Ouzrout (2014): An analysis and assessment approach for collaborative process in Service-Oriented Architectures, In 11th ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications, (AICCSA'2014).
-Maroua Hachicha, Néjib Moalla and Yacine Ouzrout (2014): Ontology based framework for collaboration Business Process assessment, In: 4th International Conference on Information Society and Technology, (ICIST 2014).
-Maroua Hachicha, Yves Dubromelle, Kawtar Fergani, Fouzia Ounnar and Patrick Pujo (2013):  Using benchmarks to study an intelligent and multicriteria scheduling service,  In: 11th IFAC Workshop on Inteelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS 2013).
-Kawtar Fergani, Maroua Hachicha, Yves Dubromelle, Fouzia Ounnar and Patrick Pujo (2012) :  Étude de la performance d'un ordonnancement multicritère via AHP, dans: 4ème conférence internationale Systèmes Industriels et Logistiques (SIL 2012).